Frogbelly & Symphony (Prog Folk Jazz/USA UK) @ Le caf&diskaire, Lille [15 février]

Frogbelly & Symphony (Prog Folk Jazz/USA UK)

19:30 - 22:30

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Le caf&diskaire
79 rue Colbert, 59000 Lille
Frogbelly and Symphony is an international band, splitting its time between Sheffield, UK, and Brooklyn, NY. Thomas Hanley, Liz Hanley, Ben Trott, and Ray Rizzo come from a wide variety of musical and cultural backgrounds, bringing in a world of influences. They reappropriate the heritage of Rock and Roll and also the folk traditions of Ireland, Britain and America.

Liz Hanley (lead vocals, violin, keys) was raised in an Irish family in Boston Massachusetts learned her traditional Irish and American folk repertoire from her father and grandfather. She studied classical violin at NYU and has been a Brooklyn resident for over 10 years. She's an active contributor to the traditional music scene in NYC and has worked and toured with Brooklyn rock band Emanuel & The Fear and Irish musician/folklorist Mick Moloney.
Thomas Hanley (formerly Thomas Lebioda) the singer, composer and bassist of Frogbelly And Symphony grew up in Hamburg, Germany with his Polish immigrant father and then moved to the UK. Asserting himself into escaping prejudiced and conflicted circumstances, he first started playing bass in punk and rock bands, then branched out in into experimental music, composing, producing and visual art collaborations. He works in Sheffield as a music producer and is the owner and manager of Lableship Records.
(Liz and Thomas got married in 2013. They are Sheffield UK and Brooklyn NY residents and split their time between both ‘homes’.)
Guitarist Ben Trott sprang from a family deeply rooted in the English folk tradition. He studied classical and jazz guitar in Doncaster, UK and has been a member of The Albion Band and several other UK-based folk ensembles. Besides Frogbelly and Symphony, Ben has lately been touring with Irish-English folk musician Tim Edey.
Ray Rizzo (drums, vocals) is mostly known as a session drummer in NYC. He has recorded and played with artist such as Bob Weir, Glen Hansard, Josh Ritter, Sam Amidon, Sam Cohen, Danger Mouse, Yo Yo Ma, Julia Stone, Trixie Whitley and countless others. He is a founding member of Frogbelly And Symphony and also plays in the band Corporal (with actor Michael Shannon).

Frogbelly And Symphony are currently working on their third studio album which will be released this year.
…. Tour dates are scheduled for January and February 2018. They will be presenting new songs from the upcoming album along with some re-arranged versions of traditional folks songs and material from the previous albums.

Frogbelly And Symphony will be performing their live set at le caf&diskaire in Lille on 15th February.
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